MULTIcultural Counseling
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Nothing can be more effective in learning than seeing how your actions as a counselor affect your client. It can be especially helpful in ethnically diverse situations. MULTIcultural Counseling explores the tension that can occur in these situations. Why is this two video series so essential to today's counselor and teacher? Because it focuses on the potential barrier between a counselor and client who have different cultural backgrounds. This unique series presents seven different vignettes of multicultural counseling sessions on two convenient videocassettes. Program 1 focuses on situations involving ethnic and racial concerns. Program 2 discusses issues related to religious and gender identity, career, and language. Each vignette (or counselor/client dyad) incorporates the techniques of self-talk -- you hear the thoughts of both the client and counselor -- which heightens the awareness of internal processes that occur during interactions. Understanding what both client and counselor are thinking affects the outcome of the session. This series also includes two carefully structured and detailed Instructor Workbooks. These workbooks discuss specific issues from each vignette and include practical exercises which lead the viewer to a fuller understanding of the influence that differences of culture make in the counseling process. The purpose of MULTIcultural Counseling is to help you and your trainees learn how cultural differences apply to counseling. This program is not just for new counselors, but for all counselors! The MULTIcultural Counseling videos and workbooks are essential in training and retraining today's counselor.
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